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25 grand. I swipe my card, enter my pin, turn my gaze to TV. He gets ready to serve for the US open title. "Nadal serves. FAULT" @130story

A week, I had him. Saturday, his bowl was empty. Belly up, said Rich. Flushed him. I still think of Jaws when I eat carrot sticks. @130story

Flush” by edbroom, 21 Mar 14

Cleansing her colon of toxins would cure her fatigue, he said. She wasn't sure. Perhaps it was herself she needed to flush away. @130story

Bunting of red, white and blue hung across the pool. Swimmers majestic turned in synch under water. Flush-faced parents looked on. @130story

The five of us walk into the poker club with big hearts and with us all wearing the same suits, we were feeling flush. @130story

His hand hunted along the floorboards, looking for a spot where they weren't quite flush that would reveal the trapdoor's edge. @130story

Flush” by hill79, 20 Mar 14

The lottery winner yelled FREE DRINKS ON ME,feeling flush.Narrowly avoided being squashed in the crush! @130story

Standing in line with the other hopefuls, Prince Harry turned & smiled at her. She felt her cheeks burn. Was this a Royal Flush? @130story

"I realized I had her $100 when I got to the john!" Tad whispered to her "He was feeling quite flush." She felt her face get hot. @130story