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3 Oct 14 - 15 Dec 15



You ignite my life, my passion,
tu es ma raison d'ĂȘtre. You're why I get out of bed, why I smile, I laugh, I be, I am @130story

'If anyone is willing to pay the purse of 30 sovereigns he will not be hanged...anyone? 20 sovereigns...10...perhaps 5...A pig?


Jerry's lawyer had promised bail, but so far he'd only provided a ball & chain plus a stripey romper suit @130story

Bail” by qosfc1919, 4 Oct 15

@130story 'Oh no me prettie.....yer no a coward until yez refuses tae jump off the plank and play wit the shark.....then ye'll be a coward'

'Well, one way to tell if it's Fools Gold is to see if it scratches glass. If it's real gold, it won't. Give me your iphone...'


His delivery was soft. Softer than the fur of a baby seal being chased across the ice by a polar bear. I switched channels.... @130story

One ball left, one run needed to win. Sweat. Tension. Fear. Pressure.

'Timothy, will you wake up!! time for school'



The crease in time had caused him to fold in on himself. The main advantage had been fewer calories and a smaller waist size @130story