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Sliding the thick autumn catalogue into the middle drawer as she shuffled the mail she made plans to have one later. @130story

Trip trap, trip trap
Billy goats gruff
'Hang on,' said the Troll
'I've had enough...
of always being cast as the bad guy.'

The delivery was late
If it was much later everything would be ruined
Agitation increasing
He'd suffer for this failure

"The Post Office now has shareholders and drones are more economical for rural delivery". Pat lost his job AND his reality TV deal @130story

Delivery” by jtruk, 6 Sep 15

'Delivery for you.'
'For me? It's not my birthday.'
I opened it with a frown. Someone had sent me an old photograph of my father. @130story

Thunder rumbled,rain pouring down.
Anticipation fills the air.
Precious cargo strapped in the car.
Midwife [email protected]

No more shopping. No more cooking. 1 tap of a button & everything appears. Home delivery is great. Really miss real live contact. @130story

His delivery was soft. Softer than the fur of a baby seal being chased across the ice by a polar bear. I switched channels.... @130story

Her love of books meaningless. Vapid, overblown delivery. I gathered the comments like kindling and threw her words into the fire. @130story