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I gotta pick a party? Put a tick in the box? Change the dynamic of devolved power for the next four years? Wow. Like, heavy, man.

Hah! Try this! 

(No, seriously.)(You have to click it.)

It takes in-fighting, to make bovine spongiform encephalopathy a subject for which we'd surf the internet, in search of a cure.

"So, if a cure for dogs with fleas and dis-orders of the nervous system would brighten up your day - just mark the little box."


"What ho!"
"What ho?"
"What ho, indeed!"
(What ho - used appropriately, in a clue to property number one) @130story

Pithy remarks are one thing. But it is the fool who drops his aitches for whom I have the most abject feelings of compassion. @130story

Lack of kitchen withdom, Wodewick?
Yeth, Wupert. No wise fwom my souffle today.
Ah, i thee. Alwayth a whisk. @130story

Super, super, hot right now … A-LISTERs in shock script rewrite battles! (B-listers still think hyphens are okay). @130story