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Pithy remarks are one thing. But it is the fool who drops his aitches for whom I have the most abject feelings of compassion. @130story

As exams beckoned, our kitchen got worse. It took a while to eat my soup with the only clean implement, a whisk, but I did it. @130story

Whisk” by edbroom, 1 Apr 15

'Don't tell me, you've come to whisk me off to a tropical island and marry me'

'Well, and discover your voting intentions'


Those Viennese waltzing ladies seemed a vat of egg whites being whisked to meringue: compliant even as their partners stiffened. @130story

I whisked over 4 a quick "hello!" Then I've got to beat the rush hour & pour over a new book 4 my! Whisk, beat & [email protected]