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The outdoorsman flees to the predator-inhabited swamp, to the mountains, to the cabins, to the highway. On his heels, the FBI. Hikers follow. All are armed. But his haunting memories, his tortured art, his demons. Can he forget those? Will he escape?? #130story

I could allow myself to have feelings, but nay, what would be the point of that? #130story

The vole village was revealed when the snow tunnel crowns melted away; and the remaining inverts spooked the city folk, who thought their yard had been invaded by snakes. #130story

I stopped and stared. A big, black shape lumbered past the stop sign! As I watched, it separated into two humans. Whew. #130story

He believes he ministers to the poor. But when the poor came calling, the minister preached, and the poor left hungry. #130story

Winning the game was crucial to his survival--and theirs. They didn't know that at the time. When they found out, it was too late. #130story

Maggie loved jogging. Every day, she'd jog past the big dairy farm. Every day, she would refuse the advances of the illegal farm worker. Her disgust angered and taunted him. He had come to this country to succeed. One day, she'd refuse him, and 'twould be her last time. #130story

Spending time in and observing nature is a valuable waste of time. It calms the mind, invigorates the body and refreshes the soul. #130story