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Winning the game was crucial to his survival--and theirs. They didn't know that at the time. When they found out, it was too late. #130story

Maggie loved jogging. Every day, she'd jog past the big dairy farm. Every day, she would refuse the advances of the illegal farm worker. Her disgust angered and taunted him. He had come to this country to succeed. One day, she'd refuse him, and 'twould be her last time. #130story

Spending time in and observing nature is a valuable waste of time. It calms the mind, invigorates the body and refreshes the soul. #130story

I feel; therefore, I exist. #130story

A male cyclist was dragged and then pinned against a building for hours, killing him; a female pedestrian was abandoned, injured, inside an obliterated glass bus shelter: Brampton, Ontario, is leading the province in stories of cold-hearted, hit-and-run drivers. Lovely. #130story

The pursuit of violent criminals in Toronto and Brampton is an ongoing, escalating, regenerating task for city police. #130story

He is interesting, industrious, creative. On the other hand, he was crude, disrespectful, immature, vindictive. I'm rating him -1. #130story

After our hike, I found a tick on my hand. Then two in my hair. Then three running up my top; one ran under it, and attached to my breast. That one hurt. One more in my hair. In the car, one ran up my thigh, one my arm, one my hair. At home, I found nine on my dog too. #130story

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