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Mary refused for it to become refuse, preferring to mend or make new. A tank top now a scarf, long enough for Doctor Who.

Jan laughed. She knew he would refuse her help. "I'm not sure assemble is the right word, 《INSERT NAME》!"
"Yeah, you're right. Some of the pieces are probably useles shards."
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@130story Donald, the don of the McMafia clan.
Had a particular way to dispose of a man.
While his contemporaries dished out pairs of cement shoes.
He served up an offal that nobody could refuse.

Refuse” by jtruk, 26 Aug 18

Maggie loved jogging. Every day, she'd jog past the big dairy farm. Every day, she would refuse the advances of the illegal farm worker. Her disgust angered and taunted him. He had come to this country to succeed. One day, she'd refuse him, and 'twould be her last time. #130story

Today’s word is refuse
And I refuse to give it use
A hononym or a homophone
Just a word that has a clone

I refuse to get out of bed until this house warms up. Its only mid August not December. Heating on. Not happy. Burning money. #130story