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26 Sep 13 - 24 Mar 14


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The assailant knew the exact spot on the windpipe to strike. The victim didn't stand a chance, unable to make the smallest sound. @130story

Pipe” by TeeOhBee, 24 Mar 14

Empty coffee mugs abound. The bustle of people. The blankness of my laptop. Flashing cursor. Yep, I am definitely honing my craft. @130story

Are you kidding me!? What am I supposed to do with this? I asked for all the money you had and you give me coins instead of notes? @130story

Note” by TeeOhBee, 26 Feb 14

Standing at the peak of the world, the entirety of human civilisation stretched out before him. He realised he'd left the gas on. @130story

Peak” by TeeOhBee, 25 Feb 14

She padded lightly through the halls, then froze, one paw still held in the air as her ears flicked and her eyes darted. A mouse. @130story

"Haha you guys crack me up with your funny little words! Tell me what you call this thing again? A faucet? Faucet!?! It's a tap!" @130story

Tap” by TeeOhBee, 23 Feb 14

@130story "But the intent was there, was it not?" The man glared. "Well, yes I suppose but look, he's still very much alive and well! Cool?"

There, staring back at her, every day. Trying desperately to focus on his eyes, his nose, but always returning to that dark thing. @130story

Mole” by TeeOhBee, 12 Nov 13