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3 Oct 14 - 20 Jul 19


Optimism? The ship is on fire and sinking, but at least the line at the buffet is shorter now. Oooh, bacon. FT #130story

I do understand the need to contribute a portion of your revenue for the greater good. I do, but this latest levy o…

The buffet beckoned him like the Pacific coast. Like an explorer, he heeded the call of the wild and had never gone…

"I've gone over your assets. All you have is a can of tuna and three socks, Mr. James."
"Cool. I only had two socks yesterday." #130story

I sat outside reading "War and Peace" all day, and now I have the most painful sunburn. I can safely say I am very well red. FT #130story

I asked my dad why people in the 60's used to say solid on a regular basis. He asked why I didn't know more people named Linc. FT #130story

I would never have accepted such an outlandish story, but judging from the axe protruding from your skull, I will reconsider. FT #130story

The bustle of a city funnels through Grand Central Terminal on a daily basis. The sights, the sounds. I'll never tire of this. FT #130story