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3 years of nerves, flirting. FINALLY... he knows my name!
"Alright Gav?"
"Alright Lee?" (YESSS!!)
"2 pints of Becks please mate" #130story

She would, millenia later, become empress of all this only to see it all destroyed - a fact she accepted but should she? #130story

I would never have accepted such an outlandish story, but judging from the axe protruding from your skull, I will reconsider. FT #130story

I'd been fixing a tap, honestly, hence I had those washers. When the fruit machine accepted them as pound coins, I was quids in. #130story

"Sorry, I haven't got any fivers."
"That's OK." The numismatist accepted the coins eagerly. You never know what riches await. #130story

The machine rejected, accepted, then kepted my card and so I cashless, crieded then walkted home #130story

Seven years with my children held my career on a particular rung, whilst others kept climbing. It is what it is. No regrets. #130story

Before me lay redemption or damnation. The icy fingers of my past mistakes gripped my throat. The bank manager checked his screen #130story