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No matter how tight the money was at week’s end, there were always Lender’s bagels on the Sunday breakfast table.

A scent so haunting, it made her feel claustrophobic. Accessing her memory to figure it out proved futile. Hypnosis perhaps?! #130story

Her body language signaled Halt!
Luke, not to be deterred,
Ordered 2 margaritas with salt
She was perturbed for G&T she preferred

As a sea captain he exuded authority when giving orders. No one felt his inner child’s anguish whose model ships always sank first #130story

Remind me again; why am I doing #130story ? Daily brain seizures to squeeze out words pithy & witty. Well, it beats watching the news!

He could not come & go as he pleased without making a terrible ruckus b/c whoever had installed the door had not hung it properly #130story

SOMEONE PUHLEEZE TELL ME!! Has my ship sailed or is it still coming in? #130story

Never-ending concerns. Or were they jumbled worries without anchor? That was troubling,did all that concern lead to change or not? #130story