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7 Sep 13 - 17 Sep 16


Earlybird! 50!

Fine tuned to ring and fire rotor piston muscles, strontium tainted, wiped the bitten lip gloss..fury quenched..she walked away @130story

She reached into the vinyl collection, seeking something sharp and edgy yet old and classic it could only be the master Thelonious @130story

She'd sell it.. There was always someone for a new Chemgland™ ..only slightly used, and the cadaver didn't look like a user... @130story

Trail shoes..he was glad he'd put em on, grippy, good traction, he sank his feet into the gravel, pulled up mask.. none shall pass @130story

It leaves the eternal legacy of darkness.. Yet we always blunder towards the light, slipshod and weary, trudge trudge trudge. @130story

Syra was slumping..refresh needed. She chose music matching the duration..'Einstein on the Beach' Phillip Glass....Sudo refresh.. @130story

She scented the deserted city. Olfactory overloading on the stench of severed humanity.. she sampled to flask for toxicity report @130story

Entries are exits depending on how you flip it..Syra sealed another door, plasma pulsing from teflon coax finger. Time to go in.. @130story