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"And how is seafood going to help us move this piano?" she asked, eyebrow raised.
"You said we needed more... oh!" His face fell. @130story

Beads of sweat trickled down his brow, his muscles rip with exertion. He couldn't release the wheel nut for all the tea in [email protected]

The mind is a muscle
Which some seldom use
You must take it out for a spin
Or brainpower you will lose
Don't let it atrophy

His taut, limber muscles shone, delineated sharply under sleek velvet-dark skin. Mog leapt tree-wards, dream-wards, for a catnap. @130story

Fine tuned to ring and fire rotor piston muscles, strontium tainted, wiped the bitten lip gloss..fury quenched..she walked away @130story

It's just a muscle, nothing more. Once swollen with the pain of your barbed words, now flattened into rhythmic submission. @130story

Jason didn't have the muscle to lift the weights to build the muscles he desired so he got an anchor tattoo like Popeye instead @130story

He saw a crack, muscled through it, and headed for open field. @130story

Nicholas came back from California with a Muscle Beach sweatshirt and a torn rotator cuff. I rolled my eyes but didn't say a word @130story