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21 Jan 14 - 4 Jul 17



Twisted, twining, truncated unexpectedly in places, Jo's family tree branches were complex and contained many secret surprises. #130story

Trees” by DigiBex, 4 Jul 17

A bright, intense light shone into Jen's eyes. They pricked her skin, prodded her limbs. They desired her responses; she refused. #130story

"Hello handsome". Mae smiled up at him, her voice husky. But her eyes were sharp... and so was the stiletto concealed in her hand. #130story

"Tis all relative, ain't it?" Tom waved his pint. Einstein's ears pricked up; was that the snappy title his new theory needed? #130story

Heart thumping, pulse racing, Jo's sweaty desperate fingers clutched at the duvet. Her fear was real; surely not just a bad dream? #130story

Lesson learnt from a Discworld master: horsemen, elephants, surprises; the fifth is the wild card, the unexpected. #130story #BackInBlack

Fifth” by DigiBex, 11 Feb 17

Bex carefully composed an awesome, truly epic and momentous story. Then her thumb slipped... Oops, back to the drawing board! ;0) #130story

@130story Wormwood taught Uncle Screwtape; email is far more devilish than letters, with its infuriating, nagging, immediate expectancy.

Email” by DigiBex, 3 Oct 16