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That's a handsome Hansom thought Holmes, hailing it. He was hot on the heels of Archie Alliteration. 'Hurry to Hackney' he howled #130story

"Hello handsome". Mae smiled up at him, her voice husky. But her eyes were sharp... and so was the stiletto concealed in her hand. #130story

The reward was handsome but so was McGraw.
Her choice- cash in or join the outlaw?

She made a bad decision… one she didn't regret

Squint of eye and bent of nose,
but still loved because
handsome is as handsome does.

#130story [prompt: handsome]

He looked so sombre standing there waving as the train pulled away transporting her to a new life devoid of handsome men like him #130story

He's Marmite. He's Bovril. To some, he's handsome. But to others, he's hideous. He's always an extreme. He's never in the middle. #130story

For years she had thought that it meant a stylish, good looking ride; not handsome but Hansom. Doh! #130story

Jay had returned to her empire's past to right a wrong but she knew a handsome reward was on offer if only she could find The One #130story

"Come here, you HANDSOME beast" she said as she tugged gently on her horse's reins. #130story