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Why do we only proof read an email after we press 'send'? @130story

Email” by Helipix, 3 Oct 16

Knowing the recipient was hard of hearing, I could not help but resort to typing the email in capital letters @130story

Email” by Helipix, 3 Oct 16

"Did you see the Slack post about the email protocol?"
"No, I was emailing. Did you see the Slack email?"
"No, I was Slacking."

Check. Check again. Three minutes, check again. Expecting an important message? No. just hoping for a sign I have a friend. @130story

Email” by sosbetty, 3 Oct 16

He sighed as he once again forgot the office email thread wasn't a Slack channel and replied to himself... @130story …

Email” by trojjer, 3 Oct 16

In the half light she seemed so real, arm-less yet so beguiling, "Venus" I said in a hushed whisper "is statue?" @130story

Email” by Helipix, 4 Oct 16

"I didn't get it."
"I definitely sent it."
"I sent it."
"It's not here."
"Remind me again, who runs the email service?"

You're the first female
To give me their Gmail
But my billet-doux
Bounced on error 512
"Bad email address"
Now my outlook's a mess

Email” by edbroom, 3 Oct 16

Tea, toast, two cups of coffee and I can't put it off any longer. Open laptop. How many today? Oh Lord sixty, and it's only 9.30. @130story

At 95 Alan tried to send an email but, confused, didn't know where to stick the stamp. His wife of 50 years finally told him @130story

@130story Wormwood taught Uncle Screwtape; email is far more devilish than letters, with its infuriating, nagging, immediate expectancy.

Email” by DigiBex, 3 Oct 16

'Meeting @ 10' the email said. 'You, me & the photocopier again big-boy.' She pressed send- To all. Jones & son, a family company @130story