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5 Mar 16 - 24 Sep 16


I'm a modern day Boxer. Each morning I don the invisible magic vest. It really helps, although I know it cannot stop the bullets. @130story

I'm not one for might've beens. But I got a signal alright. And I thought, "this is it, throw it all away" I'd got that look,see? @130story

One pill makes you taller, the other makes you small. One doesn't do anything at all. Take that one:you never know with a placebo @130story

I did it the once, ran the plea in http://mitigation.How  could I know so much could happen in just 24 short hours. Never again. @130story

Locked timeless in steel capsules at space-edge, the dessicated carcasses of dogs and chimps. Sad remnants of man's past [email protected]

I lay. Directions were given, drips administered. Death's black wings stretched over my head. He wheeled off to alight elsewhere. @130story

Tim surveyed the controls before him.The runway shimmered. OK,so a forged certificate had put him here, but how hard could it be? @130story

Willi closes the charred casement. He thinks briefly about what he has found. Five years on, in 1921, he will set himself alight. @130story