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23 Sep 16 - 18 Oct 16



Where in the 'World' is the 'Lord' getting mixed up? Answer - Right after 'W'@130story

World” by Helipix, 18 Oct 16

I C Y U put that at the beginning and end of RAFT - Scrabble CRAFTY - Triple letter 42 points! @130story

Ronald McDonald was spotted walking in the street; was that a happy face or a demonic smile? @130story

"I'm not doing it again!" Michelangelo fumed after reading the specification for painting the ceiling was '2 coats of Magnolia' @130story

Cow” by Helipix, 13 Oct 16

How many animals did the first humans risk permanent injury or death from before they settled on the cow as a source of milk? @130story

Cow” by Helipix, 12 Oct 16

Surely 'Capita' is the capital of Christmas, as it has Noel? @130story

Hamlet procrastinated over which pencil to use for the subtle shading of his sketch; 2B or not 2B @130story

"So your team lost again?" I questioned, and with obstinate denial and optimism his emphatic reply was "NO. They just came second" @130story

Lost” by Helipix, 8 Oct 16