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Hamlet procrastinated over which pencil to use for the subtle shading of his sketch; 2B or not 2B @130story

He studied the allotropes of carbon and filed them away to sketch in pencil later. The regularity looked soothing. @130story …

I was getting a pencil. I heard a cry for help. I was stationary in the stationery cupboard. Another lost quest for post it notes. @130story

Pencil mightier than the sword?
Syria has been bombed to fuck
The world awaits a good result
America votes, this world needs luck

Sashaying she felt the envy in their eyes. Her scarlet heels towered, her pencil skirt skimmed her hips. Pumps at her desk, [email protected]

After some consideration , I've decided to recall my vote for #Brexit, I made it in pencil, but the promises made were the same @130story

On graduating from carpentry college Ben put the symbolic pencil behind his ear but all that writing had given him a saw hand @130story