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Earlybird! 100!

Damn! Torch has died. How will we see animals coming to get us in the dark?
It's ok, a bright, burning thing is coming... Argh! @130story

"I'll give you money for all that!"
"How much?"
"£1k per ton."
"Sold! 1,000 tons of old rope at £1k per ton"
G. Rasp, 'Easy Money'

From the door, she could see chocolate mousse on the ceiling & walls.
His grinned ruefully. "I know. I just had one job to do..."

She thought he was indifferent. She didn't see him watching every time she looked away, didn't know he knew the smell of her hair. @130story

Then the worst part of the recruitment process: all candidates together & offered biscuits. Who'd dare take the chocolate one? @130story

She started 2014 with 3 resolutions & kept the first 2 all the year. The 3rd was not to lose the piece of coal for 31/12/14. Damn! @130story

He looked at a huge volume on the desk. A tattoo suggested it was bound in human skin. "Day of Reckoning" shone from the spine... @130story

Light from the screen illuminated the doubt on their faces.
He willed them to believe him. "The beauty of the plan is it's simple" @130story