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He clung to the hope that his May Day signal would be heard but didn't know how much longer he could cling to the upturned yacht @130story

He looked at a huge volume on the desk. A tattoo suggested it was bound in human skin. "Day of Reckoning" shone from the spine... @130story

Day broke like a slow slap across a stinging face.. she stretched from the ditch, mouth arid, muscles fatigued systems offline... @130story

Day 2: Passion fruit to unload. No creepy-crawlies.
Day 1: Mangoes. All clear.
Day 0: Boatloads of bananas. I don't dig spiders.

Day” by edbroom, 19 Dec 14

The orange sky signalled the end of another day. Let the evening begin and the fun commence! Coat in hand she headed out grinning @130story

As the day rolled into its 25th hour he took up his regular post at the viewport, using the bonus minutes to survey his red world @130story