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2 Sep 13 - 28 Aug 18


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Do you feel like we never get the whole story?

Tory” by jtruk, 29 Aug 18

@130story Donald, the don of the McMafia clan.
Had a particular way to dispose of a man.
While his contemporaries dished out pairs of cement shoes.
He served up an offal that nobody could refuse.

Refuse” by jtruk, 26 Aug 18

@130story *Seeking New Chief for Village*
Role involves delivering letters.
Must work well with police, construction staff and cowboy.
- The People

Chief” by jtruk, 19 Aug 18

@130story "You'll make a pretty one!"

Swift shouted, but reinforced glass muted his pleas. Braid just grinned back, exposing two rows of diamond teeth.

A minute later, Braid decompressed the door.
He reached his tongs into the pool of liquid oxygen to pick out his latest gem.

Elements” by jtruk, 6 Aug 18

Lord Squawkington adjusted the monocle on his beak.
"I sympathise", he cooed, "…but there's just not enough for you AND our migrating friends".
He checked his pocket watch.
Must dash; a social with his patron.
Silk worm canapés are delicious, but not worth declaring.


@130story You promised to write a song about me.
That gave me delight.
Our love dampened your creativity.
So I'm re…

Notified” by jtruk, 4 May 17

"This pocket watch took a bullet for my grandpa"
It wasn't true, but the legend travelled in time, saving him as it had his father

Watch” by jtruk, 6 Apr 17

Joe bought an onion to put in a pie.
Then his wife questioned why way and not the other?
But he didn't ask for an opinion.

Opinion” by jtruk, 5 Apr 17