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5 Mar 14 - 6 Apr 19


Truth revealed, the end times were going to be turbulent. Bring it on; can't be worse than the now times. Apocalypse.

#130story The biggest challenge was not the abseil down. That was easy; gravity did the work. It was being dumb enough to step over the edge.

The attempt to clarify a heinous policy was made worse by the use of italics. What should have been emphatic just felt sarcastic. #130story

Seven years with my children held my career on a particular rung, whilst others kept climbing. It is what it is. No regrets. #130story

Her marriage was central to her being. To discover that it was built on a lie and a mask was devastating for her and her children.#130story

If I share my feelings will you think I'm weak? If I tell you the truth, strip away the pretence, will you use that against me? #130story

He said that he was hopeless at this sort of stuff, laughing as he mangled more resources. I agreed, but not that this was funny. #130story

She was never given detention at school, being such a good girl. She made up for that in her 20's and was now sitting in a cell. #130story