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5 Mar 14 - 12 Oct 21


I was taught to love, so I do. I wasn't taught to hate, so I don't
(though I've met some who pushed me hard to learn how.) #130story

It was no recorded how many fans protested; not their pay rates, class or gender – but nonetheless, they were all heard. #130Story

I breath freely. My mask is fabric not plastic. It's connected to elastic not tubes. I walk about as I wish, not lie trapped in bed.

Half way through 2020; idiots in high office, greed abounds, planet is dying. Will we learn the lessons that Covid19 is teaching? #130story

It’s 3 weeks to Christmas; oh no! And it’s 4 to New Year; Hooray! But it’s only 1 week to the General Election. *Goes off to sob* #130story

Truth revealed, the end times were going to be turbulent. Bring it on; can't be worse than the now times. Apocalypse.

#130story The biggest challenge was not the abseil down. That was easy; gravity did the work. It was being dumb enough to step over the edge.

The attempt to clarify a heinous policy was made worse by the use of italics. What should have been emphatic just felt sarcastic. #130story