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23 Mar 16 - 8 Aug 18


As a vegetarian, Bob liked meat that clucks, oinks, baas or moos. It cannot be rarer than alive. #130story

Bob's Happy List #3
Good typography. Capital letters, letterspacing, kerning and leading to make text more readable. #130story

Bob's Unhappy List #23
People who unquestioningly follow Strunk and White's 'The Elements of Style'. It makes him feel nauseous. #130story

Bob's Unhappy List #14
People who get on a train, tram or bus without waiting for people to get off first. #130story

The war inside was ongoing. No matter what was going on in Bob's stomach, he would never relinquish his halloumi. #130story

Bob can't understand his doctor's cant. He'd never heard most of those words before. He left the surgery none the wiser. #130story

Bob spent so long and tried so hard to expect the unexpected, when the expected happened it was unexpected. #130story

After the match, Bob felt OK. No new injuries, no new pain. But he threw his back out when he kneeled down to tie his shoes. #130story