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He promised me a night to remember, so I dressed to impress - and waited. I won’t forget waiting until the sun rose and, I promise, neither will he. #130story

When she dreamed of singing to rapturous audiences, she didn't understand that, like sand in an oyster, each one could contain a critic.

Two dogs vomiting, one cat pooping tinsel and one cat in hiding. Not a bad Christmas, all things considered.

'Spock, be aware, Captain Kirk has taken the helm.' 'Thank you, Sulu. Uhura, issue a ship wide message. Brace, brace, brace!'

Ears flapping, tail waving, eyes fixed on feathers, he raced through the reeds. Splash! Yelp! Who knew ducks would fly to water?

Doug swam a mean doggie-paddle. His coach wanted him to try the Australian Crawl, but he was doggedly determined not to change.

In the dark he couldn't see the enemy. Then, in a flash of lightning, he saw he was surrounded. "Down scope. Dive, dive, dive!"

Rob watched the ambulance take his bride away. Whoever had thrown that rice really should have taken it out of the can first.