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The plane descended
It’s nose turned to one side as Nature and human battled - machine against fierce winds
Man won... this time
‘Landing’ #130story

Ada looked around her
Friends and family in the room
Bitter sweet memories stung her eyes
Tom was everywhere
Her heart was full

She did not belong to them, but definitely belonged with them. An important distinction - one not to be forgotten b…

Every time I left my house the crow was there... watching me. It would always call sadly as I left. I wish I’d known it was her


He saw the signal, subtle though it was
He sauntered across the room and smiled lazily at the woman, the honey trap…

Monday mornings had been a drag, but that was before the world changed.. well, her world anyway. Now she couldn't wait to start #130story

He looked at the file. A record of that fateful year, it had notes and sketches of the people, equipment and animals. Priceless #130story

He walked out of the casino struggling to grasp the reality of the situation. He'd lost it all. Why did he get so carried away! #130story