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Favourite Record

Marvin's voice filtered through the leaves;


Everything I do is recorded. Apparently, there is an ancient edict governing my job. I have no idea what happens to the footage

Sunday evening.
Radio 1.
Two fingers poised.
Simon Bates intro:
"At number 2 this week, its M with Pop Muzik."
Play and record.

Record” by edbroom, 3 Aug 17

John selects 33 and puts the stylus in the groove. The record sounds like a tape on fast forward. He starts again and selects 45. #130story

Brian kept a detailed record of his car journeys, meticulously worked out mileage and fuel consumption. Brian also lived alone #130story

My First

Wish I could say it was Starman or Suffragette City. But the record shows it was Long Haired Lover From Liverpool.


#130story He stared at 43 cans of baked beans. Going for the world record of eating 6lbs in less than 2 minutes wasn't going to be easy.


To make life interesting
I record everything
I like to tick a box
For alll my socks
Yes, I'm that chap
Hogging the cash machine

Record” by PaulPJB, 3 Aug 17

Will it or won't it rain?
And should I care!

Paint, draw or out the bike
- seeking inspiration.
I fear I may end up shopping.

Jim lucky to have the abbot's ear, who overlooked his indiscretion in favour of an exemplary past record. Could he kick his habit?

He looked at the file. A record of that fateful year, it had notes and sketches of the people, equipment and animals. Priceless #130story

Everyone remembers their 1st album they bought. Happy memories of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang soundtrack. Tooot sweet, tooot sweet. #130story

Kids lives recorded for 24yrs. Stored on VHS, DV, CD-DVD, weird memory cards. Most obsolete formats. Nothing to play them on. Grrr #130story