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I don't judge my clients and they are rarely the ones who pay me. Often, they have nothing to pay me with and that…

I am a human in a very alien part of the universe. Despite the reputation of humans, on my home planet of Jasmine w…

Tex always told me to value activists. They often know more than officials and are always eager to talk to a sympathetic ear.

Stairs - an ureliable measure of a civilisation. The lack of superior technology does not indicate an unsophisticated species #130story

Reduced to sub-subatomic particles, focused into a beam and shot through the Quantum Void. It's enough to bend your mind

My first assignment was to save slaves from a mineral exporting gang in a remote asteroid belt. It didn't turn out well for me

Many talk of harvesting the crop. I was raised on a desert planet. We ate a lot of meat and not much else. Any grain was distilled

I am physically smaller than most of my predecessors but being a successful Liberator requires far more than muscle