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The gaze was brief but penetrating. Dark brown eyes seen through a train window. Two strangers wanting to become something more. @130story

I paid in kind for her soul. I wasn't prepared for the weight of something so sorrow filled. Satan sighed into my ear "No Returns"@130Story

With the blast in his periphery, Al dove awkwardly under the bistro table, knocking himself out and meeting Jane for the 1st time. @130Story

@130story "With each copy of a copy, details are lost, unwanted noise introduced" The manual said. It made me realise I hate being a parent.

@130story Bones are stronger than steel and four times stronger than concrete, yet for all that, they couldn't bear it when you said goodbye

@130story The voice was worn thin and stretched, each play shedding cadence and identity."I looooove you" a stranger now says. I can't stop.

SALE OF THE CENTURY - EVERYTHING MUST GO! Pride, dignity and self-worth. I found the cheapest deal. What did I lose along the way? @130story