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Her voice again, tinny & flat, demands more wine & a kiss. A pause & I remember that kiss, sweet & light & free. Before cancer. @130story

Were the 80s really so long ago? He wondered as He settled into the velour driver's seat and fiddled idly with the radio-cassette. @130story

Tape” by hill79, 16 Oct 13

@130story The voice was worn thin and stretched, each play shedding cadence and identity."I looooove you" a stranger now says. I can't stop.

"Size is important, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If it's not big enough it won't work."
"OK, OK - let's check" she said @130story

Black italian loafers, fine white shirt, freshly pressed. The blue tie, the powerful one. He was about to take one for the team. @130story

Knowing that her words would change her world forever, she taped her mouth shut and painted a smile on. @130story

I booked passage only after removal, in ways fairly miraculous, of many red-tape difficulties concerned with granting my passport. @130story

Tape” by ggarchar, 17 Oct 13