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He groaned as he realised he'd have to throw everything out and start again.Right now he felt like throwing the PC out the window. @130story

Mid 1970s, Felixstowe beach. Throwing a stone, it misses the sea and hits my mother's head. Summer holiday fun in A&E. Sorry, mum. @130story

Throw” by edbroom, 9 Apr 14

Always scruffy, unkempt even. He wore whatever clothes on the floor looked least dirty, thrown together almost as an afterthought. @130story

Throw” by hill79, 8 Apr 14

She might as well throw herself onto the dagger for all he cared. How dare he not be as conflicted as she, how dare he not know. @130story

His eyes darted about the room as he entered. He sat down, where the flash card was hidden under the throw. She tried to be calm. @130story

With the blast in his periphery, Al dove awkwardly under the bistro table, knocking himself out and meeting Jane for the 1st time. @130Story