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He saw a crack, muscled through it, and headed for open field. @130story

He was unable to lift himself free after curling into her predatory innocence, so he smiled, and joined in her playfulness. @130story

“That’s it?” she asked, opening her eyes. “There isn’t much to see.”
“That’s it,” he said, closing his. “I haven’t seen much.” @130story

There was a hiccup when implementing the plan to keep their marriage together: the gap between their beds was too wide to bridge. @130story

“Looks like I won,” she said, stuffing her hands into her jeans pockets. “Again?” @130story

“Size,” she said, scanning the surface for an appearance. “It matters more and less than you think.” @130story

Pond” by RobbDixon, 2 Feb 16

She was passed out on the bed, plaid skirt hiked to her waist, but Jerome didn’t care. He turned off the light and shut the door. @130story

Sliding the thick autumn catalogue into the middle drawer as she shuffled the mail she made plans to have one later. @130story