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#130story "His position in the debate was as open to interpretation as an old browser rendering HTML and CSS in Quirks Mode."

HTML” by trojjer, 4 Mar 20

Moving home soon, a distraction. Rushed in, tapped out. G#130story

Prince” by trojjer, 3 Jul 17

@130story At the precipice he stood. Boxers, no trunks. She encouraged him with a smile. Teenagers cheered. He made the jump into the Med.

Jump” by trojjer, 23 Feb 17

As she ate her Teriyaki Quorn, the mycologist thought about how she was really going to break the mould with her next project. @130story

Mould” by trojjer, 13 Nov 16

The nation was asked a question, but did the people really want to hear the answer? @130story

He studied the allotropes of carbon and filed them away to sketch in pencil later. The regularity looked soothing. @130story …

"He sighed as the writers ended up portraying the characters in a church walking into a white light, lost in their own denial." @130story …

Lost” by trojjer, 9 Oct 16

"Did you see the new dentist down the road? They had someone from the Crown Council to unveil their plaque." @130story …

Plaque” by trojjer, 6 Oct 16