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At 1.24 am she jumped to the right, she knew it was wrong, but late night decisions often were. Whoosh! #130story

@130story At the precipice he stood. Boxers, no trunks. She encouraged him with a smile. Teenagers cheered. He made the jump into the Med.

Jump” by trojjer, 23 Feb 17

Two years after her surgery, she closed her eyes to shut out the crowd, took the biggest breath of her life - and jumped. #130story

JMP - a tiny opcode.
One memory address.
The world watched in horror as a small code error turned dreams to space dust.

Jump” by jtruk, 23 Feb 17

House Of Pain never made me want to jump around. Kris Kross didn't make me want to jump jump. I never sat down because of James. #130story

Could she make the jump? So many lives depended on her and her team.This is what she'd trained for. 'BLUE LEADER - GO!' She leapt

She lined up her skis in the tracks at the top of the jump and tried hard to focus.She took a deep breath,pushed off and leapt #130story

At 2:55, children lined up in playgrounds while workers spread out in car parks. Loudspeakers crackled: "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and JUMP!" #130story

Jump” by edbroom, 23 Feb 17

When our turn came to jump we couldn't do it; yet we were both wearing jumpers. So how does that make any sense? #130story