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#130story They were all standing with glasses in hand, talking animatedly, but no-one listening. She knew she did not belong.

#130story His Mum's old unit stood forlorn in the corner, emptied of its contents, only an old paper clip and a bit of fluff left.

Unit” by VivStylz, 12 Feb 18

#130story She held her breath; no sound other than the ticking of the clock. There! An unmistakeable sign of movement behind the curtain.

#130story The class had been well trained. After marking 3 papers, he knew all the essays would begin with 'It was a dark and stormy night.'

#130story She read the postcard over and over again, 'just a few lines to tell you I'm well and don't worry about me.' He wrote no address.

#130story He came out of the hotel bathroom to see her on the floor by the trouser press. 'I forgot my hair straighteners,' she explained.

#130story 'Why are you digging up Dad's garden?'
'I buried a box with a full set of Man From U.N.C.L.E. bubble cards here.'

It was her last chance to see the exhibition. After a 2 hour journey she got to the gallery to see the sign: 'Closed on Monday.'