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#130story With daily practice she managed to type up to 75 words per minute without looking at the keys and sometimes you could actually read it.

‘You’re not putting me in a Home,’ he declared, arms folded.
‘It’s called assisted living Dad, you’ll have some help and meet new people.’
‘Sod off.’

#130story Pressing ‘delete’ instead of ‘send’ would have prevented the ensuing tsunami of vitriolic abuse in reply...but oh what fun!

#130story It took him all day but he shifted the huge pile of bricks from the front garden to the back, surprising the owner, who had only wanted him to move a stack of old pea sticks.

#130story They were all standing with glasses in hand, talking animatedly, but no-one listening. She knew she did not belong.

#130story His Mum's old unit stood forlorn in the corner, emptied of its contents, only an old paper clip and a bit of fluff left.

Unit” by VivStylz, 12 Feb 18

#130story She held her breath; no sound other than the ticking of the clock. There! An unmistakeable sign of movement behind the curtain.

#130story The class had been well trained. After marking 3 papers, he knew all the essays would begin with 'It was a dark and stormy night.'