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‘I see there’s an article here on assisted dying.’
‘You’re not reading the Daily Mail again Tom, are you? You’ll be half way there already!’
‘Ha ha, you’ll not get rid of me that easily Sandra.’
‘Don’t be so sure. As soon as British Airways’ systems are running again!’

‘You’re not putting me in a Home,’ he declared, arms folded.
‘It’s called assisted living Dad, you’ll have some help and meet new people.’
‘Sod off.’


Sat on shore of Loch Ness
Vigilant was Aunty Doris
Assisted by Uncle Derek
With a bottle of dandelion and burdoch
Out of the water poked a head
"How do you do?" Nessy said
Doris fell off her chair
Derek had a vacuous stare
Only evidence was a tale and a muddy sock