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19 Mar 15 - 21 Oct 15


As I'm almost done with the degree I'm thinking can I be bothered to be a doctor? It's a lot of work! Maybe in my next life. @130story

Having been left 2 fix the chain & the seat im now happy to say the throne room's fixed - but then...crap!! @130story

If th gods don't sort th rain then the wheat wont grow & life wont be sustained.tell th gods their cooperation is sought @130story

We dined on fayre from long ago, it was bit dry buy on the whole okay!!! @130story

Dusk! When? dusk! That's a daft time to meet!! Why can't u just say 7pm. Oh my! I wouldnt be a writer then would I? @130story

"For pity's sake stop tweeting stupid stories that make no sense"he said to his wife while she muttered "PITY" hum! A good one! @130story

I whisked over 4 a quick "hello!" Then I've got to beat the rush hour & pour over a new book 4 my! Whisk, beat & [email protected]

Leprosy was never my favourite of the blister illnesses, I'd always thought the bubonic plague was far more interesting @130story