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It was showtime. Carefully Cati placed her slender dancer's foot. Balance poised, smile fixed, she stepped onto the tightrope. @130story

Fix” by DigiBex, 10 Oct 15

The chair teetered beneath me, as did all the other 21. Something seemed out of place. Ohhh right, I'm not a Chinese acrobat. FT @130story

Having been left 2 fix the chain & the seat im now happy to say the throne room's fixed - but then...crap!! @130story

'I appear to be in a bit of a fix,' said Percy.
I nodded, staring at the railings through which he had stuck his rather large [email protected]

He's beating me senseless out there. Didn't you tell him the fight was fixed?
Me? I thought you were going to tell him.

Duck tape. Elastic bands. Chocolate buttons. Tissues. Utility belt checked, Bob heads out. Whatever your problem, he can fix it. @130story

Fix” by edbroom, 9 Oct 15