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#130story When the wolf invited the little girl in for tea, he should have known that danger often dresses in RED

Red” by WendyTagg, 31 Jul 17

"Come here, you HANDSOME beast" she said as she tugged gently on her horse's reins. #130story

How did it come to this? Just having a personal opinion made him an enemy of the STATE. #130story

The race was so much better than the prize. The President wondered how soon he could decently QUIT #130story

Quit” by WendyTagg, 5 Feb 17

Hearing rain pelting against the windows, she looked glumly at walls still marked from last year's flood. @130story

A rollercoaster of emotion. Hopes raised and dashed. Despair and relief. Finally she reached her Southern rail station. @130story

As the PM announced his resignation, she saw her chance. Eyes of the tiger, heels of the KITTEN. @130story

Walking through the deserted campus she imagined it was like an apocalyptic ZOMBIE movie. The truth was so much worse. @130story