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Quit being a baby you said, it's only a small laceration. I guess you were right. It has only only attracted 17 sharks. FT #130story

Question. Undaunted. Intent. Today. A fellow candidate looked at the sign. "Some smart arse reinventing 'quit'." Really? I left.

"I need to quit," she said, struggling up the hill. "Quit smoking?" I asked "No quit climbing hills," she said with a wet laugh #130story

Quit” by sosbetty, 5 Feb 17

Quit while you're a head said the foot.Never said the heart.I'm bored said the ear. And all the while the back laughed behind them #130story

Quit” by JonnaKing, 4 Feb 17

She'd tried to quit so many times, but the need always haunted
She breathed deeply and turned the corner knowing he'd be waiting

#130story Each breath rasped louder than the next. Legs looser than jelly struggled onwards. Her head urged her to…

Quit” by liziwake, 4 Feb 17

The race was so much better than the prize. The President wondered how soon he could decently QUIT #130story

Quit” by WendyTagg, 5 Feb 17

They said it was for losers. But then reality struck home. Knowing when to stop was, in all likelihood, going to save her life. #130story

Jack sucked a boiled sweet whenever he craved a cigarette.
When Jack's teeth began to crumble, smoking relieved the stress.

Quit” by jtruk, 4 Feb 17

Don't think of it as giving up
Think of it as starting a new chapter
Don't think of what came before
Think of what will come after

Identifying what needed to stop was the turning point. She was astonished when she realised she had to stop accepting his lies. #130story

#130story She didn't need to open the envelope to know what was in it. The new landlord wanted her out. In 28 days she would be homeless.

Quit” by VivStylz, 4 Feb 17

The screen froze. His mind did not. A million thoughts rushed through his head at once. Past, future, truth & lies.

Quit” by kathryn83, 4 Feb 17