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‘Have you opened that letter from the doctor yet?’
‘No, I’ve put it in the bin.’
‘What Tom, it might be important.’
‘If it is they’ll ring Sandra.’
‘But you won’t answer the phone either.’
‘Well, there are some things you don’t want to know.’

A game I like to play is Schrödinger's wallet. Either I can pay for my petrol or I can't. Its a knuckle biter when I open the wallet in the petrol station. The staff don't know I'm playing, especially when I run away and drive off fast. #130story


Huddersfield Jones found the
It was old, rotten and half opened
Pulled out many gems in a gold basket
Now to leave safely with riches bestoken
Then a rolling sound and messy splat
The sad end of Huddersfield Jones
Apart from a puddle and broad brimmed hat