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Peter was a sour puss. Grumpy from morning til night. Weird that, considering he worked as a sugar cane taster

‘Who’s that going next door Sandra?’
‘Give us a clue?’
‘A bloke, about our age, short hair.’
‘That must be Peter, Joyce’s new partner.’
‘Wow, she doesn't let the grass grow under her feet.’
‘She’s been widowed fiver years Tom.’
‘It will be a wrench for Kevin.’


Nigel never got his Blue Peter Badge
Request for appearances there were nil
He wrote and wrote
Till he went blue
Then sent in a photo
BBC replied with an urgh
Now Orrible Nigel has reached fifty-two
On BBC whenever he likes
Blue Blue Peter what did you go and do

Peter” by PaulPJB, 8 Oct 19