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Her children laughed. She stared at the concrete, not new anymore. Chalk pictures and hopscotch, redrawn and erased. She couldn't swallow, couldn't breath. Afraid it would crack. Afraid of his remains. #130story

A beautiful day. Really. Clear skies, sun beating. I gaze into the horizon. Out of my reach. The darkness spreads, flowing through my veins, into my rotten heart. Black tears fall, scald my skin. I fall, face flat to the floor. Dustlight dances. Lays on my still form. #130story

Monitor pulses, machines hum. Your hand icy cold. Talk to her they said, it will be useful. My voice cracks as I whisper unsure. #130story

Coal black skies. Rain falls vertical, ruthless. Beating through the town. Breaking down doors. Taking, tearing, consuming. Again. #130story