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30 years of design & construction, & now their creation was vertical. Would the world love or fear this 300 metre tall enforcer?

All her fashion magazines advised that vertical stripes were slimming. That stubborn extra three stone made this feat impossible. #130story

Perched at the edge I could peer straight down the sheer 100 storeys of glass and steel. The sunlight dazzled. My stomach lurched. #130story

Looking up at the cliff face.It was almost vertical now.Half way - up or down meant a tough climb.Fingers numb, teeth gritted.On. #130story

Coal black skies. Rain falls vertical, ruthless. Beating through the town. Breaking down doors. Taking, tearing, consuming. Again. #130story

In Norm's club, customers pay good money to climb piles of chairs to reach their drink. It's his absolute joy, that vertical bar. #130story

Veronica's vertical alignment is dependent upon the amount of alcoholic units consumed in relation to the thirst quench paradox #130story

It has been years since I played bball. Now my shot hits air, my passes go to nobody, my vertical leap barely leaves the court. #130story

#130story A tiny yellow #daffodil peeks its trumpet out of the grass, as if checking to be sure…

"Straight up," Eddie tells the barman. The barman blinks in disbelief as he pours. Unsteady Eddie can't be telling the truth. #130story