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It wasn't fit for modern naval warfare. Loss of crew would be… inconvenient, but he became transfixed on a false flag opportunity.

Useful” by jtruk, 16 Feb 17

Monitor pulses, machines hum. Your hand icy cold. Talk to her they said, it will be useful. My voice cracks as I whisper unsure. #130story

The supplier said it would be useful and now I have used it I can understand why she wishes to remain anonymous.

Over the years I've learned a lot and picked up many useful tips, tricks and techniques. Like alliteration and the rule of three. #130story

Thanks. It would've been useful to know about the bald thing before I accused her of leaving hair in the sink. Now what do I say? #130story

She sat still in the cubicle digesting the conversation she'd overhead. She would file that titbit away- it would be useful later #130story

At parties I like to make myself useful so I always take duct tape, pens and a Swiss Army knife. That invitation will come soon. #130story

#130story The toddler finds it useful when working out her sums, to use her toys and pencils,her fingers and her thumbs!