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A beautiful day. Really. Clear skies, sun beating. I gaze into the horizon. Out of my reach. The darkness spreads, flowing through my veins, into my rotten heart. Black tears fall, scald my skin. I fall, face flat to the floor. Dustlight dances. Lays on my still form. #130story

The clouds come over. Sunlight disappears. Flash. BOOOOOM. My 15yr dog doesn't care anymore. Hes now deaf. Phew. #130story

She didn’t like the darkness
And you can understand her plight
When everyone in the movie shouted
Carol Ann! “Stay away from the light”

Tom's eyes adjusted to the darkness. It was 2:40 in the morning and his mind was racing. There were so many things he still had to do. 'I'll never get to sleep now' he thought. #CyberFest is only 11 days away #130story

Darkness - where do I start
An entire universe falling apart
Light is losing, darkness is winning
It sounds like the end yet it's only the beginning