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He stared pensively out the window, the latest experiment hadn't gone as expected. "Francis!" The ruler slammed on the table. @130story

Jam-stained hands, damage done. Ma's donuts. LisaMariaSmith she shouted, that look, Maria was a bad sign. @130story …

She had disguised herself as a kitchen maid, eyes lowered, busying herself with the Guinea fowl when he walked past. What pluck. @130story

They sneak up the church tower. The hour approaches, they on the floor. The bells toll, they below. Dissolving in waves of sound @130story

Shared laughter, experiences, reconciliations. You under my skin. Beyond the sums of our parts. @130story …

His hands, shiny-greasy. Her look, disappointed. A breakfast sandwich. The only thing cured was the meat. @130story …