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He clung to the hope that his May Day signal would be heard but didn't know how much longer he could cling to the upturned yacht @130story

Track your parcel, that's a laugh he thought as he logged on only to be told tracking number not updated @130story

She had had to dance to his tune for too long - decision made - moving on @130story

He could smell salt on the air - this could mean only one thing, beach, tail wagging in anticipation nose pressed to car window @130story

In an attempt to seem sophisticated she ordered the whitebait but was horrified at the plate full of eyes looking up at her @130story

In her dreams she would launch herself at him but in reality she only ever gave him a sideways glance @130story

She would dance through the pain she had her eye on the glitter ball @130story

She sat for a long time contemplating her next move which would have everlasting consequences @130story