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The icy track went on as far as the eye could see. Distant bells chimed. She felt calm, and went on - everything would be ok now. @130story

He'd been round this track so many times he could almost drive it blindfolded..he was ready!!


Track your parcel, that's a laugh he thought as he logged on only to be told tracking number not updated @130story

As the needle slid free of her vein she felt the chill it had left within - a liquid-silver bullet creeping along her inner track @130story

The tracks of his tears were etched on the coal-miner's craggy face; pale, glimmering snail trails amidst dusty charcoal black. @130story

Track” by DigiBex, 16 Dec 14

He stumbled along the track, unable to process what he'd seen or that he had escaped, unlike the lost souls that went before him @130story