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5 Apr 16 - 11 Feb 17



When #Potus is de facto impeached, one thing for sure, he won't @realDonaldTrump the fifth amendment, it's already out there...

#heroes dying
And when the balloon goes up,
All that will be left:
a straw blonde wig

Pencil mightier than the sword?
Syria has been bombed to fuck
The world awaits a good result
America votes, this world needs luck

After some consideration , I've decided to recall my vote for #Brexit, I made it in pencil, but the promises made were the same @130story

My son often tells me that I'm showing signs of early onset Alzheimer's.
My reply was "Don't worry because I'm too long in the...

#Brexit lies :NHS £350m
Stop #Immigration
#Trump lies :

The world has gone mad
Hatred is bubbling under
Where's it from :
Globalisation & austerity.
Whip it up
And start again.

Whip” by Gerry0504, 3 Sep 16

"When I first saw you
Something stirred within me
You were standing sultry in the rain
If I could've held you
I would've held you"

Rip” by Gerry0504, 23 Jul 16